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You can avail Pre-marital counselling, couples counselling, individual counselling, family counselling, sex counselling. Counselling are also available for Relationship counselling, Mental health Counselling, Work Stress, Depression & Anxiety, Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy, Behavioural Issues, Grief Counselling, Health Problems & Chronic Diseases. Our counsellors are highly experienced with an average experience of over 10 years.

Telephone Counselling

Call us at - '8530169917'

Some people are busy in their daily schedule or are away from counsellor location. Those people can take telephonic counselling as they can exchange their feelings and at the same time have their problems sorted out. Its always good to think before session what problems you want to share that can help your life more fun loving.

Online Video Counselling

Do skype video call, our skype ID - shaadiaapki@gmail.com

You may choose to have same feelings when you do counselling Face to Face. In such cases you can opt for skype session, this gives you flexibilty of being at any place at the same time getting real time solutions of your problems.

Email Counselling

Email us at shaadiaapki@gmail.com

Some people don't want to talk to counsellor neither on call nor video call, they prefer to share discuss via email. This also gives them time to draft and think exact problems that they want to share. It also keep their identity anonymous as only email cannot give details about who the user is.

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Meet Our Professional Counsellors who are expert in Counselling and are Highly Qualified. Visit Marriage Counsellor for more details.

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All interested counsellor can send updated resume at - shaadiaapki@gmail.com

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Choose Pricing Plan and make payment. Book an appointment.

Type the problem before session and discuss.

Post session share messages with counsellor, receive replies and see the postive results.

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Talk on phone – Call us at - '8530169917'

Email us at shaadiaapki@gmail.com

Do skype video call, our skype ID - shaadiaapki@gmail.com

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Call us at - '8530169917'

Email us at shaadiaapki@gmail.com