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Marriage Counselling

Counselling: is like a “Talking Therapy” that helps people speak out their feelings and concerns in a private and confidential environment and explore things that might be worrying them. In today’s life where everyone has time crunch and pressure to perform or sustain life in best possible way, they don’t spare much time for thinking that along with physical health there is something known as mental health too.

Counselling Session gives opportunity to think and speak without taking into consideration what listener will feel. They don’t need to fear about getting criticized. Usually there are friends or family member who stand for support but then also there are many people who can’t share everything with them.

This is where Counsellor comes into the picture who looks at the situation from different angle. Counsellor don’t criticize, judge or make decisions for the person whom they are counselling. They listen and advise in such a way that improves the situation and the person becomes positive and now they are in control of their lives.

Counselling Services

  • Pre-Marital Counselling

    Pre-marital counselling are for couples who are preparing for their marriage. It helps couples to improve their relationship before marriage by communicating and discussing topics like finance, clearing expectations, sharing their dreams, hobbies, future planning, knowing more about each other, decision making, children and parenting, family relations and many more which is going to be build their tomorrow.

  • Couples Counselling

    Couples whether married or in a committed relationship can discuss areas of improvement in their relationship. During session couples understand how they can communicate effectively with one another and make their relationship more strong. They also discuss and come to know the influence of family life stage and prepare themselves to new life stages like family with children and stage when they will become parents themselves.

  • Individual Counselling

    An individual who is facing a difficult situation in life, challenges with relationships, not able to think or find solution how to proceed in life or even want to improve on the physical as well as mental health can seek the guidance of a counsellor. Individual counselling ensures proper advise, focused attention of the counsellor and complete confidentiality at the same time enjoy flexibility of expressing feelings and scheduling sessions..

  • Family Counselling

    A family counselling involves issues that is faced by all the family members, this can be interaction gap between individuals within the family or related ones. Gap can be because of expectations or lack of communication. Each family members view the situation in a different way and so we require someone who can view the problem from different angle and suggest a way out of that problem.

  • Sex Counselling

    Sex is an important part in couples life especially for healthy relationship its very important. Its a way to express love, closeness, trust, faith on one another. When it is not the way we think it turns out to be frustration, discomfort, pain. This if left unattended can develop a gap between the couples. This is where our counsellor can help in understanding the actual reason which is impacting the sex relationship resulting in reduce of stress and better romantic life.

  • Counselling also available for:

    Relationship Counselling

    Mental health Counselling

    Work Stress

    Depression & Anxiety

    Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy

    Behavioural Issues

    Grief Counselling

    Health Problems & Chronic Diseases

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Our Counsellors

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How Our Counselling Work

Choose Pricing Plan and make payment. Book an appointment.Type the problem before session and discuss.

Post session share messages with counsellor, receive replies and see the postive results.

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